Premium Organic Bamboo Disposable Nappies


Premium Organic Bamboo Disposable Nappies

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Due to significant material cost increase resulting from Covid19, we are no longer able to provide the bamboo disposable nappies at a competitive price.  Therefore, we are clearing out our remaining inventory and will not be restocking. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank you all for all your wonderful support and inquiries into this product.

Our bamboo nappies are biodegradable, compostable, chlorine-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. Tested to international standards for biodegradability, we use AZO dyes based on European REACH regulations for proven allergy and nappy rash prevention.

– Biodegradable
– Compostable
– Naturally antibacterial
– Chlorine-free
– Fragrance-free
– Hypoallergenic
– Ultra-soft and breathable
– Leak guard protection
– Seven-layer absorption
– Tested to the highest international standards in the US, UK, Austria & Poland
– FDA approved and ISO 9001 certified
– SGS tested for biodegradability

What’s inside – Elastic side panel, super absorbency with Sumitomo SAP & TCF wood pulp, 100% biodegradable fibre top-sheet, back-sheet and 3M elastic waistband.  Even our poly bag is biodegradable!

What is the difference between biodegradable and compostable? 

Biodegradability refers to the ability for an item to break down over time, this could be months or years. Whereas a compostable means organic matters which will break down and become nutrient-rich soil.

Traditional nappies can take 200- 500 years to fully biodegrade, whereas most of our nappy will biodegrade in as little as 75 days. Tested and certified for biodegradability, at least 86.7% of our nappy is biodegradable.  To compost our nappies, simply remove the elastic waistband and front tape.

86.7% of the nappy is made up of wood pulp and bamboo fibres which will biodegrade within 75 to 90 days. Whereas the frontal tape and elastic waistband is not compostable and will biodegrade within 2 years.

It is not necessary to compost your nappies in order for it to fully biodegrade. However, if you wish to, a majority of the nappy is compostable. Should you wish to place them in the trash instead, they will still fully biodegrade within 2 years, as compared to the hundreds of years for traditional nappies. It is a great alternative to cloth nappies.

At Cheekiboo, we are passionate about providing a sustainable future for our children.  That’s why we’ve chosen super fast-growing bamboo, as it is naturally antibacterial, strong and durable like wood yet very soft to touch. Technically a grass and without the need for chemical fertilizers or pesticides, an entire bamboo forest can fully regenerate in as little as 5 years.


Details Units  RRP $   EA $  Brand Size  Units  RRP $  EA $ 
Small 3-8kg 48  $24.00  $0.50 Bambo Nature 2-4kg 28  $19.95  $0.71
Medium 6-11kg 44  $23.32  $0.53 Bambo Nature 7-18kg 30  $26.95  $0.90
Large 9-14kg 36  $20.16  $0.56 Bambo Nature 12-20kg 20  $24.85  $1.24
XL above 12kg 32  $18.88  $0.59 Bambo Nature 18kg Plus 18  $24.85  $1.38



Details Units  RRP $   EA $       Brand Size  Units  RRP $  EA $ 
Small 3-8kg 48  $24.00  $ 0.50 Pandas 3-8kg 22 $13.95  $ 0.63
Medium 6-11kg 44  $23.32  $0.53 Pandas 6-11kg 20 $13.95  $ 0.70
Large 9-14kg 36  $20.16  $ 0.56 Pandas 9-14kg 18 $13.95  $ 0.78
XL above 12kg 32  $18.88  $ 0.59 Pandas 12-25kg 16 $13.95  $ 0.87
* Prices accurate at the time of compiling this comparison
Details Units  RRP $   EA $  Brand Size  Units  RRP $  EA $ 
Medium 6-11kg 44  $23.32  $0.53 Tooshies 4-8kg 34  $19.49  $0.57
Large 9-14kg 36  $20.16  $0.56 Tooshies 7-10kg 31  $19.95  $0.64
XL above 12kg 32  $18.88  $0.59 Tooshies 10-16kg 27  $17.95  $0.66


Details Units  RRP $   EA $  Brand Size  Units  RRP $  EA $ 
Small 3-8kg 48  $24.00  $0.50 Ecooriginals 5-9kg 128  $69.95  $0.55
Medium 6-11kg 44  $ 23.32  $0.53 Ecooriginals 7-13kg 120  $69.95  $0.58
Large 9-14kg 36  $20.16  $0.56 Ecooriginals 10-15kg 96  $69.95  $0.73
XL above 12kg 32  $ 18.88  $0.59 Ecooriginals 14-20kg 88  $69.95  $ 0.79


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3 reviews for Premium Organic Bamboo Disposable Nappies

  1. Annie Barnes

    I love the premium quality feel of Cheekiboo Organic Bamboo Nappies, its absorbency and its waistband is gentle on my child’s skin. I also love the fact these nappies are biodegradable and do not contain nasties. Thank you for this great product!

    • Cheekiboo

      Hi Annie
      Thank you so much for taking the time to review our products. We are so glad you love these nappies as much as us.
      Kind regards
      The Cheekiboo family

  2. Widya

    Thank you for creating these biodegradable bamboo nappies! It’s really suits my baby’s skin. It’s soft and gentle on my baby’s skin. It’s super absorbent and the leak guard protection is working great! I love nature products and these nappies are affordable too! Highly recommend this nappy!

    • Cheekiboo

      Hi Widya,
      Thank you for taking the time to review our nappies. We are really glad that you like them.
      Kind regards
      The Cheekiboo family

  3. Rosie

    Yet to use these nappies as bubs isn’t due until May. Was really happy with the quick delivery and the nappies are all natural and biodegradable looking forward to using these.

    • admin

      Hi Rosie

      Thank you so much for your feedback.

      Kind regards


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